Meet Sepi:

Elevating personal growth: Sepi is a yoga student and meditation guide, writer, speaker, volunteer and mother of two beautiful children.

Sepi is the creator of: Meditate Through Divorce Blog & Brand.

Sepi thrives on volunteering, yoga and meditation.

Deeply committed to her own personal growth. She draws on the source texts of yoga and meditation. Known for her ability to translate vulnerable themes into practical, real-life tools that is accessible to all.

As the Orange County Shambhala Center Coordinator she oversees the center as a volunteer, raising money, running meetings, coordinating volunteers, and is dedicated to the growth of the meditation community.

Her role at Families Forward first line of response volunteer at the front desk, answering phone calls from families who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. She guides these families to find resources to become self-sufficient again. Sepi sits on the Families Forward Volunteer Advisory Committee as well as their Gala Committee to raise funds.

Spending time on her mat she practices a vinyasa style of yoga with passion, devotion, deep self-inquiry and lots of fun.

Sepi completed the first five levels of Shambhala training along with Everyday Life Series course and recently became a Shambhala Guide, which grants her permission to give one on one meditation instruction to the newcomers.

On the cushion: Her meditation teachers are Marilyn Moore and Gil Figueroa, who are both longtime Shambhala Meditation Instructors. Marilyn is a Shastri, a high rank teacher at Shambhala who has devoted her time to teach meditation and run the sitting practices at the Orange County Center. Gil is a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and also a dedicated teacher of Shambhala for over 30 years.

Sepi is passionate about helping others in many different ways. She is on a quest of understanding the human psyche and human’s habitual patterns, in order to help herself and others on their journey of this so called life. As her own journey unfolds through her divorce learning to strengthen her meditation practice brought her to develop her blog as she believes sharing her life story can help others on the difficult path of life, separation, and other challenges we all experience. You will often find Sepi listening to audiobooks, one of her favorite pastimes. She loves nature and believes in the healing power of the outdoors.

Sepi consults and speaks to many groups and individuals about divorce using her practices and her own story. She lives close to the ocean in Southern California, USA. Her adopted country and her new language…….